Bro.John Mohana Prakash B.E.,

Founder/ President Jesus The Joy Ministries and INBAM FM RADIO.

John Mohana Prakash is a Civil Engineering graduate and a computer networking professional who worked for a global organization taking care of the global intranets (private networks) of companies like Tata Hi-tech drilling, Lloyds group, Crompton Greaves, Zydus Cadilla etc., He left behind a highly lucrative career in the IT industry in obedience to God’s clarion call for ministry in the year 1999.

John is happily married to Premalatha. who stands with him in the vision of God fulltime.


Having born in Chennai,India. John completed his schooling in Don Bosco, Perambur and graduated as a CIVIL ENGINEER from Karunya Institute of Technology, Coimbatore.

John was brought up in a good Christian atmosphere. Church was regular, as a child Sunday school and vacation Bible School were compulsory. He grew up with the Christian truth embedded in him. He was very studious and performed will at school. He gained the appreciation and admiration of his peers and teachers.

In his teens, he fell in love with music. Playing the guitar and singing were more than a hobby to him. His ambition in life started taking a turn. He wanted to carve a place for himself in the music world, like any of his idols.

The style of music John fell in love with was hard rock and heavy metal. Many of the bands were directly associated with satanic churches. Many were anti-Christian openly defaming the name of Christ. Hours and hours of listening had its influence on John.

Soon, his heart turned away from Christ and he started proclaiming himself as a satan worshipper. Music brought success and fame, but his life was in shambles. Nights were terribly horrifying with the demon spirits gliding through closed doors, appearing in the bed beside him and on the walls of his room, in short visiting him and tormenting him.. Cigarettes, alcohol and drugs crept in and he lost the peace he once knew as a little boy. He could not concentrate on his studies. He was no more the studious student he once was. He performed very badly in his academics because satan had stolen his God given abilities.

Now, he hated the Lord Jesus Christ from the bottom of his heart blaming Him for his failures. He was angry at the Lord Jesus Christ. He wanted to hurt the Lord Jesus Christ and after much pondering he hit upon a plan. He decided to turn the people who followed Christ, away from their commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ. He made a decision to serve the devil. He began to serve the devil whole-heartedly and sincerely. He threatened, mocked and argued with the people who followed the Lord Jesus Christ. He challenged them openly with the power of satan. Now John had become an evangelist for satan.

Once, he was arguing with one of his friends who had accepted Christ only two days earlier. John, after three hours of persuasion was getting ready to leave his friend by himself to rethink his decision to follow Christ. His friend at that point said, “ John I’m unable to talk to you, but let me tell you this one thing “TRY JESUS!” These two little words did the unthinkable. They brought John to the feet of the Lord Jesus Christ. John read the Bible and found that God became man and was named Jesus Christ and that Jesus Christ suffered and died on the cross for the sins of mankind. Jesus died in our stead; taking the punishment that was due to us on Him because He loved mankind, because he loved each one of us. John realized that Jesus loved him even when he was working against Jesus. John became a transformed man.

John could not keep the joy of his salvation a secret. He went around sharing with everyone who he was and how he met the Lord Jesus Christ personally. Everyone started to notice the change. Many gave their lives to Christ. Through the testimony of John God delivered many who were addicted to satanic music, various bad habits and many who were labeled as “doomed forever”.

In the year 1997 John saw his father Dr. Rajamanickam, Dermatologist die after battling with spine cancer for ten agonizing months. Just a year later in 1998 his mother Mrs. Seeranjeevi, a maths teacher went to be with the Lord after fighting cancer for six painful months.

In the year 1999, in the valley of tears JESUS THE JOY MINISTRIES was born. Since then the Lord has been using him to heal the broken hearted and set people free from the clutches of satan. Mighty Signs and Wonders have always been an integral part of John’s ministry.

Now, John is an EVANGELIST OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST. He shares about the love of Christ to this dying and hurting world.

During the early days of his ministry a seventy year old man who was a witchdoctor was brought to him in a totally paralyzed condition to be prayed for. The Lord Jesus Christ was gracious to touch and heal the man. The man was healed completely and walked upright without anyone’s help.

In another instance, a woman was healed of 29years of persistent wheezing and asthma through John’s prayers.

God also uses him to impart His Holy Spirit and the gifts of the Spirit upon His people. Everywhere he goes he sees God’s Spirit poured out in an abundant measure upon the people resulting in the transformation of their souls.

"evangelist of satan NOW An Evangelist of the Lord Jesus Christ"

"Bro. John Mohana Prakash sharing his testimony"

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